Alex Rushing


This is my personal site.

Hey there, my name is Alex and welcome to my site. I'm currently a Software Development Engineer at Amazon in Seattle, WA. I grew up travelling around and living in multiple continents, I have a nose for experiencing new places, cultures, and food. I like to think this background gives me some unique insight and perspectives. Whenever I can I love being outside, especially hiking and snowboarding in the backcountry, so Washington is a great place to be. Feel free to reach out and welcome to my site.

College Inspector

College Inspector is a D3.js project that allows users to examine trends in American Colleges and Univiersities, particularly in terms of financial obligations and returns. On the flip-side, it also allows users to dig deeper into individual colleges while allowing more detailed comparison to different colleges. It's great from the perspective of prospective college students/transfers and leadership within Universities trying to gain insight on theirselves, their peers, and academia on the whole.

Joint Travel

Joint is a multi-origin, single destination searches for their users. It targets people who are spread out geographically but would like to meet together at one central location, such as long-distance couple or friends living in very distant cities. Joint performs a customized search for potential destinations that travelers could visit based on parameters such as lowest total cost or distance for all travellers involved. It's built using Python and Flask, while making use of Kiwi's fantastic flight API.


  • Georgia Institute of Technology - Bachelors in Computer Science w/ Highest Honors, 2017
  • National University of Singapore - Exchange Student, 2015


Atlanta, GA • Seattle, WA